Gravur on Tour closing in Tallinn and opening in Riihimäki, may-june 2015

Article and photos following soon. ARTICLE IN AAMUPOSTI

An inspiring message.

Todays teabag came with a beautiful message.  

Gravur on Tour in Sklářské muzeum Kamenický Šenov, 17-04-2015

Another beautiful moment in the Gravur on Tour exhibition: the finissage in the Glassmuseum of Kamenický Šenov.   I love this place so much – to visit my friends, the museums, the beautiful surroundings – and decided to go for a long weekend. And just when driving into Česká Kamenice, there were Norbert, Katharine and Mare getting out of the car. It was such a nice coincidence and I was really happy to meet them…

Gravur on Tour in Glasmuseum and Glasfachschule Rheinbach, 27-30/10/2015.

In Rheinbach we were invited for very interesting three-day workshops. It was a really nice experience to work in the well-equipped Glasfachschule and to learn from the nice teachers and some students from the school. We could choose from different techniques: handwriting, digital techniques, fusing with colors and etching. I learned many new things, inside my class but also from the other classes. We also had time to talk to each other and meet…

Why a blog?

Hello, Thank you for visiting my website. Some days ago, back home from the finissage of Gravur on Tour in Kamenický Šenov, I decided to start this blog. After the very nice time in Rheinbach, for the opening of the show and inspirational workshops, again I was so happy to spend some beautiful days with lovely people in Kamenický Šenov, for the finissage in the beautiful Glass Museum. And I wanted to share these moments. As you can see, the website is still under construction. But of…